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Keep your team and clients happy, while gaining more bandwidth to focus on the future of your firm

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As a PR agency owner who cares deeply about your team, your clients and the success of your business, you're constantly pulled in multiple directions.

This is especially true right now as we face new and constantly evolving challenges that come with running a business and leading a team during a global pandemic.

There are many unknowns in our current reality, but one fact remains true: your team needs your support, and you need theirs to ensure your agency remains viable now and in the years to come.

That’s exactly why we created this FREE masterclass--to help boutique & midsize PR agency owners empower their team members in a way that not only increases morale, but also improves the quality of client service while freeing up your bandwidth to focus on growing your business.

We'll discuss...


The 3 skills that your employees need to start treating your agency like their own business


The ONE shift that will move you from feeling overwhelmed and overextended in leading your team to finally trusting that work will get done without wanting to pull out your hair


The top industry myth that’s keeping boutique agency owners from getting the tools & resources they think are only available to the biggest names in the business

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What Our Clients Say...

"Shauna has been invaluable in helping me get untangled from the day-to-day execution in my agency, so I can be free to focus on increasing revenue and growing the business in new and exciting ways."

Jen Berson | Founder of Jeneration PR

This masterclass is for you if...

You’re experiencing a decrease in morale (or would like to prevent it) and want to keep your team engaged in their work

You know that you need to allocate more time to new business development, but struggle to find the bandwidth (now more than ever)

You’re not going back to the office for the foreseeable future and want to make WFH work for the longterm

One of your top priorities is client retention, and you want to ensure current clients remain happy and re-sign their contracts

Sound like you? You’re in the right place for team training and professional development that is customized to help boutique and midsize PR agencies run effectively.

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Your Masterclass Trainer.

Shauna Nuckles has led PR campaigns for multi-million and billion-dollar brands, runs her own boutique firm, has served as a fractional COO inside multiple other agencies and is the founder of Advocation – a company that provides onboarding and ongoing training for PR teams. We’re on a mission to make quality professional development accessible to each and every PR pro, helping agency owners boost team morale and improve client service so they can get back their time to focus on growing the business.

In her spare time, you’ll find Shauna taking a yoga class (she’s been practicing for nearly 20 years), enjoying and supporting local restaurants, adventuring with her partner and two rescue dogs in their hometown of Austin, TX or plotting her next travel experience (when there isn’t a pandemic, of course). 

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MBAgency Masterclass

Join us to increase morale and improve client service,
while getting the bandwidth you need to
focus on the future of your firm